Monday, July 7, 2014

"You've sure got your hands full!"

Well, yeah, I do.

My kids are home this week because it's shutdown week at daycare. I love having them home, but they really thrive at daycare. They really need that socialization and structure and so I have no problem taking them during the week. Lily stays home, but the "big" kids go. It helps that a very dear friend/relative of mine runs the place, admittedly. But this week they're home and I'm enjoying it. But it's only Monday. 

This morning we managed a trip to the grocery...barely...but we made it. Hudson and Averie took their turns "driving" in the car and I wore Lily. They only screamed a handful of times (in cheery laughter, though!) and I had to alert someone to a clean-up in aisle 5 when they dumped about half a bottle of water in the floor. Lily slept almost the entire time, woke up at the end of our trip and looked around for a bit before going back to sleep on my chest. The girl at the checkout didn't give me a choice and helped us out to the car - so thankful for that! I usually turn down the help but I was able to wrangle everyone in their seats this time and it was super helpful.

By the time we pulled out of the parking lot I was ready to swing through McDonald's for lunch because the exhaustion of the grocery trip left me with zero energy to go home and fix lunch. I figured I couldn't be the first mom who spent $100 in the grocery on healthy foods just to run through a drive-thru on the way out, right? I resisted, though, and we had sloppy joes when we got home. 

Then it was nap time. Averie was exhausted and went right to sleep. Hudson, of course, finally fell asleep after three hours of "I'm not tired," and "I'll just play quietly in my room," just in time for Averie to wake up. Lily slept the whole time save a feeding break somewhere in the middle of that nonsense. She is the perfect last baby. She's so easy. I never knew a baby could be so easy. If she had been our first baby we never would've been prepared to deal with the other two.

Anyway, I was just sitting here watching Hudson and Averie play nicely together in the living room while Lily slept peacefully in the mamaroo near them while I started dinner. I realized that the woman in the grocery store who told me I've "sure got [my] hands full" probably didn't mean it as a compliment, but I think it is. My hands are definitely full, but then so is my heart. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Explaining breastfeeding to a preschooler

When I was feeding the baby today while the kids were playing (as I always do) Hudson asked me, "Mommy, why does Lily always eat your nipple?"

So I told him. 

"Because that's how babies eat. That's how babies get their milk."


"When mommies have babies, their breasts make milk so the babies can eat."

"Oh. Well that's pretty cool, huh?"

And he went right back to playing. Such a simple explanation. "That's how babies eat."  That's it. 

So there. I'm doing my part to normalize breastfeeding for the next generation. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Preschoolers are hilarious.

It has been so much fun watching Hudson grow and learn. He's just this miniature human now with his own boisterous personality. He makes me laugh every single day. 

He's learning more with numbers and letters lately. Counting to higher numbers, spelling his name, recognizing written letters. He's doing pretty well, I think, but a couple numbers and letters still confuse him. Seven and eleven rhyme so I suppose that's why they're interchangeable to him but eleventeen is most definitely my favorite number. 

We've started practicing some math with his switch n go dinos. He has 6 of them so I started asking him how many he would have if he added/subtracted X amount. He loves it. Now he asks me to play the math game. So he starts with 6 Dinos on the table and I ask what 6 minus 3 is. He says "take away 3" and moves 3 Dinos to the couch. Then he counts the remaining 3 Dinos on the table and says, "six minus three is THREE!" Fantastic, Hudson. 

The other day he told me Lily is his favorite sister because - and I quote - "she busted out of your belly like POW! Like...Catalina wine mixer POW POW!"

He doesn't give Averie enough credit. She is clearly his best friend right now. She's in the biggest copy phase right now and loves doing whatever he does. It's so adorable and fun to watch! It's hysterical when she beats him at his own games though. The kids have been learning to buckle themselves into their car seats and the other day Averie beat him to it. Hudson is pretty competitive and loves saying "I win! I beat Averie!" after various feats throughout the day (first to undress for bath, first to make it up the stairs, first to finish dinner -- who are we kidding, Averie always wins that one) so when Averie buckled in faster than him I said, "Averie wins!" and he was livid. He spent the next 10 minutes screaming "IT WASN'T A RACE, AVERIE!"

Oh, what a joy motherhood is. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014


You're welcome. 

This dad's tumblr turned into the trending #reasonsmykidiscrying. Check out the social media outlets for more hilarity. 

My kids have these meltdowns regularly. We try to teach them to own their feelings and that it's okay to be sad/mad/hurt whatever and ways to deal with those emotions. When you're mad just take a deep breath and close your eyes. Walk away from what you're mad at if you have to. It's okay to be mad or angry but it's not okay to hit/pinch/bite/push. When you're sad it's okay to cry if that's what makes you feel better.

I think it's going pretty well. I've seen Hudson get mad at Averie and just stand there with eyes closed for a minute taking heavy breaths. Sometimes he still acts on impulse and pushes her away but I think he's doing pretty well for a 3-almost-4 year old. When he's sad he gets into these fits and crying and he screams, "I just can't help ittttt!!" and we tell him it's okay. But it's really hard as an adult to stay understanding of his emotions. It is so easy to say BUT IT'S JUST TOOTHPASTE! But that's not helpful. Their emotions are real to them regardless of how silly it might seem to us. But it's still pretty hilarious when they're distraught over some of these things. 

Averie had one of these meltdowns today:

She tried to be so independent. Today she was trying to get her swimsuit on. She couldn't get the top on....but she didn't want any help with it either. 

And that's why the hashtag was created. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sleep all day. Party all night.

And by "party" I mean work. But with coworkers like mine it's kind of like partying. I don't mind working night shift. Really I actually enjoy it. It's the disturbed sleep cycle I've acquired on my nights off that I struggle with.

Working night shift has its advantages. I leave for work just a few hours before Averie goes to bed and if she doesn't wake up through the night then she really doesn't realize I'm even gone. Lily sleeps pretty well during the night most nights, takes a bottle just fine, and seems to have bonded pretty well with Lucas so that's going well. Pumping at work sucks but I don't have to pump as much as I did when I worked days so that's a plus. Hudson has always been a daddy's boy so he's probably more upset when he wakes up in the morning and realizes Lucas is at work than when I go to work in the evenings.

The first thing that comes out of Hudson's mouth every morning is, "where's daddy?" and almost always I tell him he already left for work. He always says, "but I misssssss him" and then tells me things he does/did with his dad. Yesterday he told me he ate cow outside with him. Literally. "But me and my dad...we ate cow last night." You did? "Uh huh. On the porch.... Can we eat cow again tonight?" It's so funny how literal kids can be (they really did eat steak).

In other news - I came across this link a friend posted on Facebook: <-- "vocal fry may be hurting women's job prospects"

The audio in the article didn't work for me so I took to Google and YouTube. So that annoying voice that the Kardashians talk with? That's a thing. It's called vocal fry. And apparently it's trending. Like there are teenagers and young women intentionally talking like this. Why? Stop it. Stop it right now. It makes me want to clear my throat listening to it. 

Anyway, that's all for tonight as my pumping session is nearly over and I must return to work. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I must sleep.

It's 2:30 am and I just finished season 6 finale of True Blood. Obviously I have nothing else to do with my life right now so I'm sitting here re-reading my Facebook news feed for the gazillionth time hoping to see something new. The baby is asleep in my arms and I'm listening to "Strawberry shortcake" menu song play over and over because that was the movie of choice tonight and the TV is still on in Hudson's room. I guess I'll head on up to turn the TV off and try to catch some ZZZs before I have to get up with the kids in a few hours. 

I really suck at blogging...

...but I'm going to give it (another) go anyway. I've had several friends tell me recently they wished I had a blog to read so I'm going to do my best to make that happen. Because I have a lot to say. I can't promise it will always be funny, but it will always be real.

I'm a twenty-something mom of three small children all under the age of four, married to my high school sweetheart, and a registered nurse adjusting to night shift. I started nursing school with an almost two year old and a newborn. I finished nursing school halfway through my third pregnancy and I couldn't have done any of it without the unconditional love and support of my husband and our families.

I'm typing this post with my blogger app at 12:30 am while in the middle of binge watching True Blood for probably the 12th night this month. When I came back from maternity leave in May I started working night shift and I haven't been able to sleep right since. After this series I'll be onto the next one. Or maybe I'll get back into binge reading. Reading would at least make me feel smarter and not like the brainwashed TV junkie I feel like now.

Let's be honest, there's not a whole lot to do in the middle of the night that would accommodate having to hold a sleeping new baby who can sense the moment you try to lay her down. Shit. Is having True Blood on while she sleeps detrimental to her psyche? Maybe I should watch documentaries like Lucas does. That way she can fill her mind with random knowledge of how French fries are made instead of sex, blood, and chiseled werewolf abs.

Y'know...if I were a Pinterest wife/mom I would use this time to do shit. Like wash my windows and make lists. Fold laundry. Wash the diapers. Clean the kitchen. Clean the baseboards. Hand scrub the floors. Who are we kidding? I'm just your average mom who secretly enjoys the solo time even though I drag ass all day long. Coffee at 4 o'clock in the evening so I can make it through to those last few hours before bed time? Absolutely necessary.

My older two kids attend daycare during the week. My two year old can't hack it. She is worn the hell out when she comes home in the evening. A cranky crying hot mess and impossible to please. It's her world. We just live in it. Conversation at the dinner table - Averie do you want milk, juice, or water? "No." If you hand her something instead of saying "thank you" she says "No." No no no no. It's her favorite word. But shit hits the fan if you say it to her. Hudson, my almost four year old, has two speeds: hyper as hell and asleep. And he doesn't like to sleep. It's like he doesn't require it. The earliest we've seen him asleep to date is 10:22. And I can't wait for him to break that record. Hell the baby sleeps better than he does most nights.

Speaking of the baby...duty calls.